• "Silhouette glass by Hirsch"
  • "Allure series by hirsch"
  • "Allure series by Hirsch"
  • "Art glass panel series by Hirsch"
  • "Silhouette series by Hirsch"
  • "jewelstone series by Hirsch ref:G0013"
  • "Jewelstone series by Hirsch ref:1240"
  • "Signature series by Hirsch ref:MP100B"
  • "Linea series by Hirsch ref:LNI132"
  • "Liuli series by Hirsch ref:POO197"
  • "Murano Vena series by Hirsch ref:JS0199"
  • "Opulence series by Hirsch ref:JSM220"
  • "Signature series by Hirsch ref:MP0036"
  • "Vogue 3x6 series by Hirsch"
  • "Alttoglass"
  • "Liberty serie by Trend"
  • "Falling Star by Glazzio"
  • "Arabesque glass"
  • "bubble glass tile"
  • "Trend glass wallpaper"
  • "Glazzio Arabesque glass tile"
  • "glazzio Arabesque glass tile"
  • "Glazzio glass tile"
  • "Hirsch plank glass tile"
  • "Glow in the Dark"

Glass Tile Mosaic


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We are Authorized dealer of all major brand like: Glazzio tile, Hirsch, Soho Studio, Akua, Vidrepur, Trend, Alttoglass, Puccini, Hansa, Blue River, Maximo, Lada, Iwt, Elida, Medici, Hakatai, UBC, Maestro Mosaic, GBM, Unicorn, Oceana glass, Tilecrest, Raffi Glass and more.

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Tip to install glass tile.

1: Use the right setting Material.

Glass tile white thin set

2: Bond it to the right surface.

Back board should be Hardy backer or cement board like durock.

3: Have the right tool

Wet saw with diamond blade specialy design for glass tile.